Ventile® Fabric the Action

Ventile® was the first truly effective all weather fabric whose breathability performance remains unsurpassed. Its secret lies in the uncoated and unlaminated construction. The fabrics are 100% cotton, utilising the finest, long staple fibres, only found in the top 2% of the world's crop. After gentle spinning and doubling, the yarn is woven into a very dense Oxford weave, using up to 30% more yarn than conventional woven fabrics.

The performance of Ventile® fabrics results from the properties of cotton fibres which expand when they come into contact with water. The combination of fibres, yarns and weave causes expansion in a uniform manner. This allows the interstices within the fabric to close up, preventing the further passage of water. In addition to this, Ventile is impregnated with a high quality DWR system which enhances the fabrics water resistant properties and increases performance.

The fabric therefore provides excellent protection against the wind, rain, snow and cold.

Ventile® Is:-

    Ventile® protects you from wind, rain, sleet and snow.
    The fabric keeps out the wind and hence helps protect from wind chill.
    Ventile's very high moisture vapour transmission rate helps keep you dry when active.
    The benefit of cotton with environmental peace of mind.
    Enjoy the great outdoors and strolling down the high street in equal comfort.
    The fabric is very long lasting. You can expect years of use from garments in Ventile®.
    Ventile® has no "rustle" and is ideal for camera work, hunting or bird watching where noise would be a problem.
    The fabric's proven performance over many years means that garments won't suddenly breakdown unexpectedly.

Knowing your Ventile®.

With care, Ventile® fabrics offer long life, superior breathability and excellent protection against wind, rain and snow, with the added advantage of being quiet and comfortable.


As the fabric allows ventilation better than synthetic performance fabrics, eyelets or vents are unnecessary. However, in extremely vigorous conditions, condensation may be produced under a jacket. Ventile® does not pretend to change physiological responses.

Water Protection

In extremely wet conditions a slight darkening and stiffening of fabric demonstrates the 'Ventile® Action' . The change in the physical appearance of the fabric indicates that a small amount of water has been absorbed to allow fibres to swell and thus stop the passage of water through the garment. Drying in normal conditions is fast.

A single layer Ventile® jacket provides excellent protection for everyday use, while a double layer Ventile® gives a first rate performance garment for use in the most testing environments.

Wind Protection

The close weave of Ventile® stops wind passing through the garment, preventing the wind chill factor from having a detrimental effect. Ventile's use on major Arctic , Antarctic and Himalayan expeditions is testament to the confidence placed in this fabric by professionals operating in the world's most extreme and hostile environments.


As a natural fabric, Ventile® is relatively 'rustle free'; useful for many sporting needs and those who want to be at one with nature. The 'noise free' characteristic also adds greatly to the comfort of the wearer in everyday use.