Ventile Eco Collection

The Ventile Eco collection - where peak performance meets love for the environment.

Championing all-natural performance fabrics, the Ventile development team wanted to push the sustainable agenda even further by offering cutting edge designers more eco-friendly fabrics, and that’s how our award-winning Ventile Eco range was born.

This carefully curated selection of sustainable textiles, made of materials with a minimal impact on the environment, like reclaimed cotton and Hemp, offers eco-friendly solutions for all fashion designers who care about the future of our planet.

The sustainability of our range is not just about the materials we select, it’s about the extra mile we walk to ensure our manufacturing process doesn’t impose an unnecessary burden on the environment. We use the latest technology to maximise the efficiency of water and energy consumption throughout all processes, and we have purposely located our warehouse close to the company’s weaving mill, reducing unnecessary fuel consumption.

Initially only consisting of Ventile Eco Organic, the Ventile Eco range has expanded year on year with currently offering three different fabric construction and more coming soon…

More information about the fabrics here:

Ventile Eco Organic Ventile Eco Recycled