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October 9, 2020
Take A Hike With Ventile®
November 17, 2020

Setting Our Sights on Global Expansion

2020, what a year? Such unprecedented times that no-one could have foretold. To say this year has been a challenge for the industry would be to understate the far-reaching impact of the pandemic.

For now, we look to 2021 and the future of Ventile®. Despite the current Covid-19 pandemic, here at Ventile® we are taking steps to expand our operation into new territories and have recently earmarked a number of countries as part of our plans for growth.

After launching our first-ever recycled fabric in 2019, we have seen an increase in interest with a ¼ of all Ventile® sales now generated from our sustainable fabrics. We are now looking to replicate this European success in the Australian, Singapore, and New Zealand markets. Having started the trademark process in 2019 the aim is to launch the full fabric range to the markets, including our best-selling Ventile® Original, Recycled and all-new, award-winning, Hemp fabric.

From our WW2 British Military origins, Ventile® fabric has become a popular choice for outdoor clothing manufacturers across Europe. Spun from 100% extra-long-staple cotton yarn, the tightly woven fabric provides a water-resistant, breathable textile great for those living in warmer and humid climates such as Australia and Singapore.

Part of the strategy is to introduce Ventile® Eco, which is made from 100% recycled cotton to the Australian sustainable clothing market. In recent times, with the rise of social media, the Australian fashion scene has become synonymous with the sustainability message; giving rise to brands like Pip Edwards’ athleisure venture, P.E Nation, and the launch Fashion Revolution Australian branch which aims to bring ethically produced fashion to the public.

Our Marketing Manager Daniel Odermatt said: “In times such as these, it is important to plan for the future. Expanding to Australia, New Zealand and Singapore is something which we have worked on for several years. With a strong sustainable fashion movement in Australia and the ‘Mindful Fashion’ campaign in New Zealand, it now feels like the right time to move into these new markets. Ventile is focused on providing designers with quality fabrics, connecting social and environmental awareness with innovative fabric options so it will be interesting to take what we have learned with our European partners and apply this in these new territories.”
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