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October 27, 2020
Pick your Perfect Winter Jacket with Ventile Partners ®
December 7, 2020

Take A Hike With Ventile®

With ‘Take a Hike Day’ fast approaching this month, hikers from all over the country are planning their adventure. Read below to see why Ventile® makes a great addition to your kitbag.

When going out walking you need to be prepared for anything mother nature throws at you. We all know how fickle and unpredictable the conditions can be at this time of year, which is why choosing an item made from Ventile® is a no-brainer. We caught up with our Ventile® partners to select the best kit for ‘Take A Hike Day’ in 2020.

The Shirt: Hilltrek Kintail Organic Ventile® Shirt

Your ideal ‘Take a Hike Day’ kit starts with your base layer. The Hilltrek Kintail shirt is a classic long-sleeved windproof and weatherproof shirt made from Organic L24 Ventile®. The breathable qualities of Ventile® fabric prevent overheating and sweating, while also remaining comfortable on that opening mile. Features include studded chest pockets complete with flaps, a scooped hem, and a pleated back for ease of movement. All this combines to position the Kintail Organic Ventile® Shirt as a staple for any hiking adventure.

The Jacket: Keela Ventile® Heritage Smock

Combining 100% pure cotton Ventile® fabric with ADS laminated liner, the Keela Ventile® smock offers complete protection. When wet, the fibers in the densely woven Ventile® fabric swell to keep you dry all day, even in extreme conditions. The windproof nature of Ventile® will prevent you from feeling a chill and keep you warm. The smock features include two large waterproof access zips, a roll-away, and adjustable hood, a large Kangaroo pocket, and SDP condensation control. All this allows the smock to be flexible and reliable, no matter the weather.

The Trouser: Country Innovation Kestrel Ventile® Trousers

The Country Innovation Kestrel Ventile® Trousers are the ultimate walking trousers. The combination of the Ventile® outer and the waterproof, windproof lining results in these trousers being the most protective and dependable Ventile® trousers on the market. They are highly breathable, extremely tough and hard-wearing, and negate the need for over-trousers, while also being soft, comfortable, and offering low rustle. As Ventile® fabric does not rub or rustle, the Kestrel trousers are great for days spent gazing across landscapes hoping to catch a glimpse of a swooping bird. In addition to its performance benefits, Ventile® is the world’s most effective, natural, all-weather cotton textile that is grown sustainably. With the longevity and durability of Ventile® fabric, you know you have invested in kit that will take you from path to pass for many a ‘Take a Hike Day’ to come.
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