Adventurer Inge Solheim wearing Ventile
Ventile and Brynje: Exploring the Outdoors for Mental Health with Inge Solheim
May 13, 2024

 Ventile: A Single Layer for Protection and Comfort

When designing an outdoor range what do you need from a fabric? Protection, comfort, durability? At Ventile, we cover all of this with 100% natural fabrics that are constructed to deliver high performance without the need for additional membranes or linings.


The craftmanship behind Ventile

Our textiles are crafted from the finest extra-long-staple cotton fibres, which are tightly woven to create a fabric that is highly durable, naturally breathable, and weather-resistant. The uniqueness of Ventile relies on the ability of the fibres to swell when wet; closing the gaps between the weave and preventing the ingress of water. This means that a single layer of Ventile with PFC-free DWR is all you need to stay dry and comfortable, even in the toughest weather conditions.

Protection without compromise

Many high-performance fabrics rely on synthetic membranes or additional linings to ensure efficient protection against the elements. These additional layers not only increase the overall price of manufacturing the garment but often, they also come at the cost of breathability and comfort as well as. Ventile eliminates the need for extra layers, offering unparalleled protection in a single, natural layer, keeping jackets and outdoor garments light, comfortable, and breathable. Single-layer Ventile fabric lends itself to light summer jackets, helping to regulate high temperatures while feeling soft to the skin.

A sustainable choice

By using Ventile, you can enjoy a high-performance natural fabric designed with sustainability in mind. Our fabrics not only last but get better with the time.


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