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May 28, 2021
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August 13, 2021

Ventile Adds New Additions to its Burgeoning Eco Range

Here at Ventile we continue to push the boundaries of fabric innovation through the development of new fabric constructions. We have recently launched two new additions to the ever-growing Ventile Eco range and are proud to introduce Ventile Eco 420 and Ventile Eco 430.

Ventile Eco 420 and Eco 430 are made from 100% recycled cotton and follow in the footsteps of Ventile Eco Recycled, which was released in 2018. A heavier-weight contrasting-weave, the Eco 420 and Eco 430 are substantially different from anything we have produced here at Ventile before.

The inspiration for the fabric came from a desire to challenge what is possible with coarse recycled yarns. The result? A woven, textured fabric made from a contrasting weave and weft. Made by utilising strands that are pre-dyed before weaving, as well as being five times heavier than those used in previous fabrications, this is a first for the Eco range. The outcome is a fabric with rigid properties, as a result of combining a coarse, heavier-weight, recycled yarn with weaving techniques known as a Twill weave and a Panama weave.

The Panama-weave Eco 420 weighs in at 420g/m2, with the Twill-weave Eco 430 slightly heavier at 430g/m2, making them the heaviest fabrics made available by Ventile to date. Both are suitable for machine washing, as well as being biodegradable, and boasting a UPF > 50. All these factors combined make the fabrics great options for shoes, bags, and jackets.

Speaking of the news, Ventile Marketing Manager Daniel Odermatt commented: “When we go through the process of developing a new fabric, we are always guided by our heritage. The inspiration behind the 420 and 430 fabrics is the drive to innovate, just like the scientists that developed Ventile back in 1943. For these new products we wanted to add a different dimension to our Eco range and play with how we use colour and coarse yarns in our fabric, and we are thrilled with the results.”

Eco 420 and Eco 430 further represent our ethos and commitment to sustainability and slow fashion here at Ventile. It is this belief, combined with our drive to do more and challenge the boundaries of sustainable production that have got us to where we are today, and will only continue the ascent of Ventile.
If you would like more information about Ventile Eco 420, Eco 430, or the Eco Range as a whole, or alternatively should you wish to speak to a member of the Ventile team about anything else, feel free to drop us a line here: contact us.