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November 13, 2019
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May 15, 2020

Ventile® Celebrate Sustainable Success

As the Slow Fashion movement gains momentum and the sustainability agenda gathers pace, it is impossible to deny that these phrases have become a permanent fixture in industry discussions.

To the credit of our Slow Fashion campaign, we have expanded upon our sustainability strategy by making it onto The Sustainable Angle’s selected supplier list and exhibiting for the first time at the sustainability trade show, Future Fabrics Expo 2020. The Future Fabrics Expo aims to promote and connect sustainable suppliers with design teams. As part of the event, we displayed Ventile® Organic Cotton Fabric and Ventile® Eco Fabric, a 100% recycled cotton fabric to the crowds that joined us over the 3-day London event .

What is the Future Fabrics Expo all about?

In its 9th-year Future Fabrics Expo, a Sustainable Angle venture looks to showcase fabric innovative and sustainable material solutions for the fashion industry. The show is the largest of its kind with exhibitors such as Ventile®, displaying over 5000 materials to visitors each year. The Expo drew brands, designers, and journalists from across Europe.

We are very proud that alongside the show at Victoria House in London, Future Fabrics has selected Ventile® to be part of a 900-piece library all year round via their Virtual Expo. The virtual showcase is an online research and sourcing platform set up for fashion industry professionals to discover new sustainable fabrics and mills. The platform has been set up to encourage informed decision-making in the design process.

Why are shows like Future Fabrics important for the industry?

Here at Ventile®, we look to connect social and environmental awareness with beautiful, well-made and performance-driven clothing. It is important that we provide designers with fabric of the highest quality to make a garment which lasts a lifetime, a garment that gets better with age and inspires longevity. Inclusion in this supplier list helps us to connect directly with designers and support them with their decision making.

As Slow fashion is in heart of everything we do, we are pleased to have had the opportunity to showcase Ventile® at Future Fabrics for the first time and talk with designers directly about our fabrics.

Interested in exploring the Virtual Expo? Head over to The Future Fabrics sit for more details: https://thesustainableangle.org/future-fabrics/.
If you would like more information or if you would like to speak to a member of the Ventile team, please visit the contact us page.