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Ventile® Embraces Hemp in All-New Fabric Development.

Behind the scenes, the team at Ventile have been working on something exciting. Months in the making, the brand launch their all-new Ventile® Eco Hemp fabric to the market.

Constructed by blending premium Hemp fibres with a superior long-staple organic cotton, Ventile® Eco Hemp offers unrivalled breathability and water resistance in this all-new fabrication. The densely woven Ventile® Eco Hemp fabric is created by combining an organic cotton warp with a hemp fibre weft. This process creates an exclusive fabric blend, using 68% organic cotton and 32% hemp fibre.

Harnessing the benefits of the popular Ventile® L24 Organic cotton, the brand now offer the new Hemp fabric as part of their recently launched sustainable range; Ventile Eco. It is a naturally breathable fabric with low heat retention. Such properties make Ventile Eco Hemp a great resource for designers looking for an eco-friendly, easy-to-wear fabric for those warm summer months.

The production of the hemp fabric begins with small-batch farming of the Sativa plant, a variety grown specifically for textile production with a low THC content and extra-long fibres. Research suggests that Hemp is a carbon-negative raw material, absorbing more carbon during growth than it produces: the perfect resource for savvy sustainable brands. Textile hemp is made from the strand-like fibres found on the outer layer of the Sativa plant stalks. Once picked, the stalks are retted, a natural drying process that separates the fibre outer from the bark stalk. The fibres are then carded into strands, cleaned, steamed and finally, spun, ready to weave into Ventile® Eco Hemp.

Growing, producing, and using hemp fibres as a raw material dates back millennia. With a texture similar to cotton, the long sturdy fibre of the hemp creates a durable fabric which is resistant to pilling. Such was the durable nature of this yarn that it became a popular choice for maritime workers who used hemp rope for the rigging on their vessels. Increasing, Hemp fabric is used in home furnishings, clothing, and due to its absorbency, kitchen towels. With a natural finish, Ventile® Hemp offers a new fabric texture to the growing range from Ventile.

Today, with an increased interest in sustainably sourced fabric, hemp products are experiencing something of a renaissance. Brands, designers, and consumers are looking for fabrics with interesting details and stories. Combining hemp fibre with the popular Ventile organic cotton, the resulting Ventile Eco Hemp is a blended fabric offering a soft yet durable option.
If you would like more information or if you would like to speak to a member of the Ventile team, please visit the contact us page.