What Makes Ventile Special
February 4, 2019

Ventile Fabric Aftercare

Ventile fabric is built to last but it’s important to wash and care for your fabric to ensure you achieve maximum durability whilst maintaining high performance and greatly improving its longevity.

We would always recommend dry-cleaning your fabric, but if that’s not possible, follow this simple step by step guide to care for your Ventile fabric:

  1. Gently brush or sponge off any dirt. Close the zipper/fastener and turn the garment inside out.
  2. Machine wash one item at a time in warm water on a gentle cycle using pure liquid soap. Ensure all residue soap is removed from the garment, re-rinse if necessary.
  3. Reshape the garment on a hanger and allow to dry naturally avoiding direct sunlight.
  4. Iron carefully on a warm setting – this reactivates the DWR treatment.


Damage to fibres can occur when it’s been in contact with acids, bleaches and detergents. If contact does occur, soak thoroughly in cold water.

Sand and Grit

Sand and grit increases the abrasion on cotton fibres and can reduce the life of the fabric. Once dried, brush off all sand, grit and mud.

Restoring Water Repellency

Through hard wear and tear, Ventile® fabric may eventually require a reproof. We advise that you follow the specific instructions on the waterproofing products we’ve suggested below:

  1. Granger Extreme Waterproofing for Naturals
  2. Nikwax Tech Wash or pure soap (ensure there is no residue of detergent in your washing machine)
  3. Nikwax Cotton Proof

If you would like more information or if you would like to speak to a member of our team about taking care of your Ventile fabric,
please visit our contact us page.