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May 18, 2020
Ventile® Embraces Hemp in All-New Fabric Development.
August 14, 2020

Ventile® Is Proud To Present A Brand New Ventile® Eco Range

Through continued research and as a core part of our strategy to minimise our environmental footprint, we have developed a collection of sustainable, high-performance textiles aptly named Ventile Eco.

Our carefully curated selection of fabric, which boasts the ultimate in peak performance to love for the environment, is made of materials which have a minimal impact on the world around us. These include materials such as reclaimed cotton, hemp fibres and sustainably grown cotton, which all offer eco-friendly solutions for fashion designers and end users. The collection, which is continuously being researched and developed by our team, currently consists of three core products with plans to expand the range year-on-year.

New to the collection for 2020, our award-winning Ventile Eco Hemp fabric is a blend of premium, all-natural hemp fibres and extra-long-staple organic cotton. The natural origin of the hemp fibres, in addition to its strength, durability and the fact that the fast-growing plant requires very little water and no herbicides or pesticides to grow, means it produces one of the most environmentally friendly fibres available. Combining this with the superior breathability and water resistance properties from our organic cotton fabric, makes Ventile Eco Hemp a perfect fit for the Ventile Eco range.

Additionally, the collection includes Ventile Eco Recycled – the first high-performance fabric made entirely from recycled cotton – which was released in 2019 and has since taken the market by storm. This pioneering, award-winning fabric has been designed to achieve the best balance of unbeatable performance, comfort and sustainability. In a bid to reduce textile waste and create an eco-friendly resource for designers, the recycled cotton fabric is made from pre-consumer cotton and the leftovers from fabric production, ensuring no fabric is ever wasted. Using a Ventile pre-consumer cotton maintains the fundamental cotton fabric integrity and results in a high-performance fabric which is as reliable as it is sustainable.

And lastly (for now), is Ventile Eco Organic – a fabric which initially inspired the collection with its renowned eco-friendly properties. Made from sustainably grown organic certified cotton which has not been exposed to pesticides or chemical fertilisers, Ventile Eco Organic is woven from premium extra-long-staple cotton that represents only 0.04% of the overall cotton produced worldwide. This unique fully twisted cotton yarn increases garment durability and lifespan which, in turn, reduces the unnecessary frequency of consumer purchases, limiting the negative impact of textile production upon the environment. The sustainability of our Ventile Eco range is not just about the materials we select, it’s about every step we take, from start to finish, to ensure our manufacturing process doesn’t impose an unnecessary burden on the environment and protects the future generation of high-performance fabrics.
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