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September 17, 2021
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November 17, 2021

Ventile: Your Trusty Winter Companion

When heading outdoors in winter, it is crucial that you are equipped with the appropriate clothing.

If your layers are too thin you can catch a cold, as you can if your clothing isn’t suitably waterproof or water resistant. Your jacket, pants, and even shoes, should have the correct, tried and tested qualities for the often-unforgiving conditions of winter.

Enter Ventile. Ventile is renowned around the world for its durable, high-performing characteristics, and it is this which ensures it is a premier option for your wardrobe over the coming months..

Ventile is weatherproof, meaning it will effectively repel the elements and keep you protected from the oncoming rain, sleet, and snow, with a windproof barrier negating the chills of the winter wind. It is the construction of Ventile fabric that helps to make it weatherproof - the high precision spinning process in production results in a doubled-up, streamlined yarn, as well as a dense weave, which improves durability and abrasion resistance, giving Ventile its unique performance characteristics.

When Ventile comes into contact with moisture, the fibres in the densely woven Ventile fabric swell, closing the weave tight enough to stop water penetrating through the fabric, to leave you dry inside and out, while allowing body vapour to escape. The unique cotton and natural fibres ensure Ventile breathes more naturally and effectively than alternative all-weather fabrics, creating a supremely balanced climate control, and maximising comfort.

Ventile’s reputation as the performance fabric of choice for cold, harsh, and extreme conditions is well documented. Rewind back to the beginning of Ventile in the 1940s, where it was used by RAF pilots to keep them warm both inside in the cockpit, and, more importantly, in the freezing, deadly sea temperatures should they hit the water. The impenetrable qualities of Ventile kept the pilots dry and warm enough to vastly aid survival, making rescue a real possibility. Ventile extended life expectancy in the sea tenfold and meant roughly 80% of RAF pilots that hit the sea survived.

The unique weatherproof qualities of the fabric have also been widely championed by outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers alike. None more-so than when Ventile was used in the first summit of Everest in 1953 by fabled New Zealand mountaineer, explorer, and philanthropist Sir Edmund Hillary, which helped him to reach the world’s highest point on the summit, in what is one of many proud chapters of Ventile’s history.

Fast forward roughly 25 years and Ventile was again being used on a historic expedition, this time by the famous explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes when he crossed the Arctic from 1979 – 1982, providing ample warmth and protection from the elements for the duration.

Ventile’s performance and reputation as a winter fabric cannot be argued with. It is a durable, dependable, and high-performing option, used all over the world from the casual hiker to the committed explorer, and has been for almost 80 years.
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