Ventile Fabric Aftercare
January 21, 2019
Embracing Slow Fashion
February 11, 2019

What Makes Ventile Special

Whether you’re an adventurer, a keen wildlife photographer, an amateur skier or simply love a good walk, our Ventile fabric has you covered in any weather, any season and any scenario. Here’s exactly why Ventile is so good at what it does.

Ventile fabric starts its journey with raw cotton fibres which are sourced from 2% of the world’s extra-long staple (ELS) cotton crop. Each selected extra-long staple cotton strand measures approximately 37mm in length. The cotton fibres are picked, sorted and with high precision, carefully spun into an even, uniform yarn. The yarns are then woven into a dense fabric construction and finally, a sophisticated dyeing and finishing process gives Ventile its unique waterproof characteristics. When Ventile comes into contact with moisture, its cotton fibres swell, closing the weave tight enough to stop water penetrating through the fabric, yet allowing body vapour to escape.

Breathability is a crucial element in the build of functional, reliable outerwear. Ventile fabric is not coated or laminated – therefore it breathes naturally and far more effectively than other all-weather fabrics. Due to the extremely high moisture vapour transmission rate of Ventile fabric, it ensures you stay comfortable and dry, inside and out. However, in order to make Ventile water repellent, it needs to be impregnated with a DWR finish. Without DWR, the fabric would absorb liquids due to a capillary effect.

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