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February 1, 2021
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March 22, 2021

Introducing the Ventile® Eco Range

Attention world, we would like you to meet our Eco range. Made up of four pillars: Ventile® Eco Organic, Ventile® Eco Recycled, Ventile® Eco Hemp, and our most recent addition of Ventile® Lyocell Fabric, our Eco range came about from a vision.

By championing all-natural performance fabrics, this vision led our development team to push the sustainable agenda even further by offering cutting edge designers more eco-friendly fabrics. It was this goal that has led to the birth of our award-winning Ventile® Eco range…

Ventile® Eco Organic

The first instalment in our Eco range, Ventile® Eco Organic is made from sustainably grown organic certified cottons which have not been subjected to any pesticides or chemical fertilisers. Using low-impact processing methods and materials, Ventile® Eco Organic is woven from premium-grade, extra-long-staple cotton that constitutes just 0.04% of the world’s overall cotton supplies. The result of this is increased garment durability, as well as increased lifespan, which in turn reduces the needlessly high frequency of consumer purchasing. The end result is a decrease in the negative impact of textiles production on the environment.

Ventile® Eco Recycled

Following on from this, Ventile® Eco Recycled, the first high-performance fabric made entirely from recycled pre-consumer offcuts, was born. This revolutionary award-winning fabric was designed to achieve the perfect balance of performance, comfort and sustainability, in a bid to further reduce overall textile waste. Using technological advances, this all-weather fabric is assembled to breathe more naturally and effectively than competitor’s fabric. The result of this is a high-performance fabric of which its reliability is only matched by its sustainability, and is a durable, environmentally-friendly option for designers and fashion brands alike.

Ventile® Eco Recycled was the 2019 winner of Best Eco Performance Fabric at the Performance Days awards.

Ventile® Eco Hemp

The award-winning Ventile® Eco Hemp blends premium hemp fibres with a superior extra-long-staple organic cotton, to create unrivalled breathability and water resistance, which only gets better with age. The densely woven Ventile® Eco Hemp fabric is produced by combining an organic cotton warp with a hemp fibre weft, which creates an exclusive fabric made of 68% organic cotton and 32% hemp fibre. Additionally, the Ventile® Eco Hemp fabric boasts the properties of Ventile®’s ever-popular L24 Organic fabric, which offers an increasingly eco-friendly option.

Ventile® Eco Hemp was the 2020 winner of Best Eco Performance Fabric at the Performance Days awards.

Ventile® Lyocell Fabric

The most recent offering of the Ventile® Eco range is our Lyocell fabric. Made from a lyocell and linen blend, this new addition combines 70% lyocell and 30% linen fibers. The result is a sustainable, water repellent fabric for designers, made from the wood-like fibers of the eucalyptus tree. This raw material is a great sustainable option for fabric yarns, which has already proved extremely popular for the production of coats, accessories and shoes.

Initially consisting of Ventile® Eco Organic, the Ventile® Eco range has undergone demand-led expansion year on year, with the selection now including four different fabrics - with more coming soon. Watch this space for further developments in our award-winning Eco range. The Ventile® Eco range - where peak performance meets love for the environment.
If you would like more information about the Ventile® Eco range, or if you would like to speak to a member of the Ventile® team, feel free to drop us a line here: contact us.