Ventile: Celebrating 80 Years of Innovation
November 30, 2023
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January 31, 2024

 2023 Wrapped Up for Ventile

As we say goodbye to another remarkable year, it’s time to reflect on the journey we have travelled so far, and the milestones that shaped our way in 2023.

From the celebration of our 80th anniversary, to the innovative partnerships we have formed, the past twelve months have shown that at Ventile we continue to  challenge what is possible with all-natural technical textiles, and continue to help shape the future of textile solutions in the industry.

Join the movement and discover what made this year such a special one.

Celebrating Ventile’s 80th anniversary

This year marked our 80th anniversary, an incredible achievement for the brand showcasing our long legacy and our promising future.  Starting back in 1943 in Manchester, England, Ventile made its name manufacturing fabric for immersion suits for pilots as they flew over Europe. Now based in Zurich, Switzerland, we remain an integral part of the textile landscape, with a legacy that encompasses innovation and functionality.

It was an amazing opportunity to share with our partners, colleagues, and the media a bit more about our rich history and heritage.

An organic partnership

Back in April, we announced an exciting joint venture with the Egyptian Biodynamic Association [EBDA], an organic and regenerative farming association, to support Egyptian farmers in applying biodynamic cotton farming methods.

Eight months after the announcement, we are proud to say that two farms are already benefiting from this partnership  and will undergo the transformation to implement biodynamic farming methods. The Salsol Farm and Ramadan Kamel Farm, both located in the Nile Delta region of Egypt, aim to produce high-quality, ethical and regenerative-grown organic cotton for textile production and through the partnership, we look to work in an even more sustainable way.

Innovative textile solutions

In 2023, we also launched the partnership with Finnish-based NordShield, a wood-based performance fibre technology that utilizes the unique innovation of a nature-inspired surface to keep the product odourless, fresh, and longer lasting. Fabrics that have been treated with NordShield’s technology were made available to customers in March and have been well received by designers and media.

Inspiring change

As the sustainable warriors we are at Ventile, the yearly wrap-up would not be complete  without mentioning our activities to encourage meaningful industry conversations.

That’s why throughout 2023 we took more action than ever before. Over summer we participated in multiple trade shows – including the Future Fabrics Expo in London, and Performance Days in Munich and New York; in August we hosted the textile Livery Company, The Worshipful Company of Weavers, at our headquarters in Zurich to share best practices, and deep dive into industry trends; and on an ongoing basis we worked with partners to promote their stories through our platforms to shine light on the environmentally conscious collections created with Ventile fabric.

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