2023 Wrapped Up for Ventile
December 22, 2023
Finlay Roberts' 'Jacket' at London Fashion Week
Ventile Selected For This Year’s London Fashion Week with Emerging Designer Finlay Vincent Roberts
February 29, 2024

 Hold On to Your Hats: The Accessories Sector is Going Up

For our team at Ventile, 2023 was a year marked by innovation, collaborative successes, and a growing influence in the accessories sector.

Let’s talk about real-world experiences as we discuss with two great partners, Stiksen and Works and Days, what made last year special for them and how Ventile textiles contributed to their achievements.


A quick overview of 2023

Due to the unpredictable weather in Europe and a rising trend of eco-conscious consumers, brands like Stiksen and Works and Days experienced a surge in the popularity of functional items. Customer trend data shows that there has been a notable increase in sales of products featuring technical fabrics, with the headwear category standing out as a significant success.


Credit: Stiksen                                             Credit: Works and Day


How did 2023 go for Stiksen?

Asim Khandker, CEO of Stiksen, reported rapid growth for the brand year on year with a substantial chunk of this coming from its Ventile-based items. The ‘Dad Cap’ is one of the most popular designs and Ventile’s technical nature is one of the key factors for the brand’s year-round sales. Its weatherproof nature means Stiksen can promote these during heavy rain and snow, which also translates well in campaign images too.


How did 2023 go for Works and Days?

Raff Godfrey, Founder of Works and Days, told us that their customers have fed back positively about the performance of the products made from Ventile, as the fabric provides weatherproof comfort, and the high-quality fabric gets better with wear.

Frequently the Works and Days team is told that their Ventile caps have saved the day in the changeable conditions they experience in Denmark.



Looking ahead to 2024, we are keen to strengthen our partnerships both in Europe and worldwide. If you would like to join us in celebrating sustainable triumphs and a future shaped by innovation, drop us a message here.