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July 31, 2023
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Embrace the Great Outdoors with High-Performance Ventile Textile

Ventile High Performa



Whether you're an avid hiker, a passionate camper, or a nature enthusiast looking for some peace in a quieter landscape, heading out to the greater outdoors is a refreshing experience. To make the most of your adventures it is essential to equip yourself with the right gear.

That’s why at Ventile we developed all-natural textiles with innovative, cutting-edge technology, and partner with some of the best outdoor clothing and equipment brands; to elevate your experience.


The Secret of Our Success

Developed in the early 1940s, Ventile fabric was initially used in military applications due to its exceptional waterproof and breathable properties. Our textile is crafted from extra-long staple cotton fibres that are densely woven to naturally swell when they come into contact with water, creating a barrier against the elements. This, with a PFC-free DWR impregnation, means  that adventurers and explorers can go through rain-soaked forests or misty mountains without compromising on comfort.


Our Key Features

-Weather Warrior: Ventile textile’s water resistance and windproof capabilities make it an outstanding choice against unpredictable weather conditions.

-Breathable Beauty: No matter what outdoor activity you choose, Ventile fabric will keep you comfortable with its inherent breathability that ensures that moisture is efficiently transported away from your body.

-A Sustainable Ethos: We believe that innovation and sustainability go hand in hand, that’s why we continue to evolve our eco-conscious practices throughout our production process, choosing all-natural fibres and promoting slow fashion.

-Durability Defined: Ventile's durability is second to none. Its densely woven structure resists abrasion, ensuring your outdoor gear lasts through many adventures.

At Ventile, we know that when heading out into the great outdoors, your gear supports your journey. Our textiles enhance your experience, enabling you to embrace the wild with confidence, comfort, and a touch of timeless style.


If you are an outdoor clothing manufacturer and you’d like to request a sample, contact us here: