Ventile at Future Fabrics Expo 2023 in London
Inspiring Change: Ventile at Future Fabrics Expo 2023 in London
June 30, 2023
Embrace the Great Outdoors with High-Performance Ventile Textile
August 24, 2023

In Conversation with Mover

As an industry, we continue to work toward a more sustainable way of manufacturing. Here at Ventile we encourage our customers, partners, and distributors to choose more environmentally friendly alternatives, opting for natural PFC-free textiles.

We caught up with Nicolas Rochat from Mover to learn more about the outdoor clothing industry and why it’s so important to move away from plastics and select better options.


What was the inspiration behind Mover?

Our industry is responsible for a third of the ocean plastic pollution through microparticles that are impossible to eliminate. These particles don’t only come from the washing cycles of synthetic garments, but also just from wearing the clothes which erode into the air. Plastic is everywhere, we breathe plastic, we eat plastic. Mover decided to address this issue by developing the first 100% plastic-free collection designed for different sporting activities.


How did you learn about Ventile and why have you chosen it?

Ventile and the team behind Mover first began working together in 2017. Our research and developments were focused on increasing the breathability to improve the overall comfort through better thermal regulation. The answers were to be found in natural fibres.

We were using first and second layers made of merino wool in different shapes and structures. We had invented the first wool insulation, swisswool®, to replace down and polyester, and Ventile® was the missing piece for the outer shell; to replace synthetic membranes whilst still protecting us from the harshest elements and allowing a better breathability.


What were the most significant challenges you faced in transitioning to plastic-free outdoor clothing?

The devil is in the detail. We had to challenge the industry’s status quo. Sewing machines are set up to work with synthetic materials and so the challenge is to convince the supply chain of the benefits of using old tools made prior the reign of plastic. We also have challenges finding non- plastic zipper tapes and elastic cords. Our clothes are sharp and clean, and we aim to achieve a high-end quality minimalism that echoes the impact we want to have.


What’s coming next for Mover?

We have a great collaboration starting at an international level with one of the most demanding high-performance sports on the planet . An excellent opportunity to prove that natural fibres will excel and raise awareness globally.


[Ventile Blouson by Mover]


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