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December 23, 2022
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February 28, 2023

In Conversation with Ventile

Developed in 1943, Ventile fabric is steeped in heritage and history. We caught up with our Brand Director, Daniel, to find out a little more about Ventile and what the future holds for the business.


How did Ventile fabric come about?

Ventile was created in the second world war. In some instances, the Spitfire pilots found themselves in situations where they had to ditch their planes into ice-cold water. Scientists at the Shirley Institute in Manchester worked to develop Ventile to provide fabric for these suits. These suits protected the pilots from the ice cold water.


What is it that makes Ventile such a premium fabric?

Only 2% of the world crop of cotton production is classified as extra-long staple cotton. Of this, only 2%  is organic cotton. That means that 0.04% of the world’s cotton crop production is extra long staple organic cotton and this is what Ventile Organic is made from.


When we hear the term ‘organic’ what does this mean?

The difference between organic and non-organic is that organic cotton is grown without the use of fertilisers or pesticides or any chemical agents so that it is 100% natural with a lesser impact on the environment.


Is Ventile a durable fabric?

I have seen jackets that are more than 20 years old. I am contacted by fans of Ventile and they are proud to show their vintage items. This demonstrates just how durable and lasting Ventile fabric can be.


Throughout your time in the business, what impact has new technology had on Ventile?

Modern machines tend to produce finer, more even yarns and so the yarn quality is better than ever. This is crucial for Ventile fabric and these developments in technology have allowed us to produce better fabrics over the years.


What does the future hold for Ventile?

Our aim is to produce fabrics that are as sustainable as possible, and this is why we have extended our eco range over the past few years. This now includes organic cotton, recycled cotton and blended fabrics and now more than half of our sales come from our eco range. The future of Ventile is to continue to produce sustainable fabrics and work with specialist technologists and scientists to develop increasingly ecological options for designers.


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